5 November, 2019

Technical Team


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Director – Ricardo Portillo


He graduated from the Faculty of Arts of the National University of Cuyo (Mendoza, Argentina) with the title of Music Teacher specialized in Choral Direction. His teachers were José Felipe Vallesi, Elifio Rosaenz, Carlos Barraquero, Eduardo Grau, Guillermo Scarabino, Mirta Poblet, Susana Antón and Gloria Basso.

In Argentina he took advanced courses in Orchestral Conducting with Guillermo Scarabino, and in Choral Direction with: Eric Ericson (Sweden), Robert Sund (Sweden), Helmut Rilling (Germany), Sergio Siminovich (Italy), Mario Baeza (Chile), Jorge Fontenla, Guillermo Graetzer, Leonardo Waisman, Carlos López Puccio, María del Cármen Aguilar, Andrés Aciar, Nestor Andrenacci and Néstor Zodoff.

He served as a professor in the Chair of Choral Direction of the Faculty of Arts of the National University of Cuyo between 1981 and 2014. He taught courses of Choral Direction at the School of Fine Arts of San Luis (Argentina).

As guest conductor, he made concerts with: University Choir of Mendoza (National University of Cuyo), Chamber Choir of the National University of Cuyo, Youth National Choir, San Juan University Choir (National University of San Juan), Raigue female vocal choir (Chubut) and Coral Canon (Buenos Aires).In 2001, he gave the Argentine Choral Music Workshop in Madryn Canto (Chubut).

In June 2002, he was part of the Jury of the III International Competition of Choral Interpretation of Folk Music and Popular Music of MERCOSUR.
In 2003, within the framework of La Plata Cantat, he was in charge, together with the Horacio Lanci, the Workshop: “Sing Together”.

He currently serves as Director-Founder of the Choir of the City of Mendoza (since 1983), Director of the Female Choir of Teacher-Training School – UNCuyo (since 1986), Director-Founder of the Choir of the University of Aconcagua (since 1995) and Director of Choral Feminas (since 2013).

In 2011, he was appointed Director of the World Youth Choir by IFCM (International Federation for Choral Music), Europe Cantat and Musical Youths of Europe.

In the years 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 he was in charge of the Musical Direction of the Blessing of Fruits in the framework of the National Harvest Festival (Mendoza – Argentina), which was joined by 500 voices of children and adults, instrumental group popular, soloists and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Mendoza.

In 2013 he was in charge of the Workshop “Siglo XX Cambalache: Candombe, Tango and Cueca Chilena” at América Cantat in Bogotá (Colombia).

Pianista – Julián Salcedo Elias

Profesora de Canto – Agustina Lo Vecchio Repetto


⁠⁠⁠ Degree in Singing from the National University of Cuyo. ⁠She began his choral activity in 2000 integrating different groups. She entered the Choir of the City of Mendoza in 2009, where he also worked for several years as head of sopranos.

Fonoaudióloga – María Lina Barzola


She is a Doctor in Phonoaudiology, specialized in education and treatment of professional voice spoken and sung.
For more than 25 years she has been dedicated to the training and care of the voice of choral singers working as a speech therapist in the technical team of children’s choirs (Municipality of Mendoza), young people (Female Choir of the UNCuyo School of Teaching), and adults (Choir of the City of Mendoza).
She is a teacher and researcher in the area of ​​human voice and oral communication at the University of Aconcagua and at the Juan Agustín Maza University.
Since 1990 she is part of the technical team and sings as soprano of the Choir of the City of Mendoza, an organization with which he has participated in outstanding national and international competitions and festivals.
In the search to contribute to an integrative work of artistic, technical and healthy aspects, the phonoaudiological area is presented as an essential complementary space for the achievement of objectives of choral excellence.

Jefa de Cuerda Sopranos – Luciana Orellana


Born in the city of Cutral Co, Neuquén.
She began his studies of lyric singing in 2001 at the Faculty of Arts and Design. In 2009 she received a Professor of Musical Theories. She currently serves as a professor at the National University of Cuyo in the chairs of Music History and Music Analysis of the twentieth century.

Jefa de Cuerda Contraltos – Mariana Jordán


Bachelor of Traverse Flute from the National University of Cuyo.
Since she was 6 years old he sang in the Children’s Choir of the Municipality of Capital directed by Mónica Pacheco, then the Choir Children Singing of Mendoza directed by Juana Mauro de Fernandez. From 1999 to the present she serves as Chief of Strings of contraltos of the Choir of the City of Mendoza directed by Ricardo Portillo. As a flute player he performs chamber music concerts and in his orchestral activity he worked as a guest musician since 2004 with the flute row of the Mendoza Philharmonic Orchestra and the UNCuyo Symphony Orchestra, and in 2015 after competing he obtained the position of IV flute and piccolo in the Mendoza Philharmonic Orchestra.

Jefe de Cuerda Tenores – Alberto Jerez


Tenor / String Chief of the Choir of the City of Mendoza and Assistant in the Choir of the University of Aconcagua. He studied singing at UNCuyo.
I perform with these choirs numerous Choral Symphonic, Operas and Concerts. Tours in Argentina-Chile-Uruguay-Colombia-Brazil – Spain- Italy – France. He also participated in several National and International Contests. He participated in Musical Comedies. Performs pop / lyric shows at business events and is an exclusive artist of several pubs and casinos in the country.

Jefe de Cuerda Bajos – Diego Valentín Flores


Professional singer.
Professor at the National University of Cuyo.
Active member of the Choir of the City of Mendoza since 1998.

Secretario – Raúl Giráldez

He has been a member of the Choir of the City of Mendoza since 1990 as a coreuta of the Bajo string. Likewise, he serves as Secretary of this organization, having accompanied the cultural management of the technical team, to date, in important concert tours, competitions and contests, and various musical events at national and international level.
In the private face he works professionally in the metallurgical area.