4 November, 2019


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2000 – 2nd. International Competition of Popular and Flokloric Music of MERCOSUR, organized by AAMCANT, La Plata Buenos Aires (June 2000), First Prize in the categories of Mixed Choir and Chamber Choir.

2000 – 1st. International Choir Competition “Felipe Vallesi” (August 2000), participates with the female choir obtaining the 2nd Prize in the category of Equal Voices.†

2000 – 1st. International Choir Contest “Niños Cantores de Mendoza” (September 2000), First Prize in the categories Chamber Choir, Mixed Choir and Popular Music.

2001 – 5th. International Choir Competition of Trelew: First Prize in the categories Mixed Choir, Female Choir, Best Performance Work Imposed, Best Performance of Argentinian work, Best Choir awarded by the public.

2006 – “Venado Coral 2006 – Choir Contest of Popular American Music” (IV Edition), First Prize Mixed Choir category.

2009 – International Competition “Azzano Decimo” – Italy; 2nd Prize Mixed Choir category.

2009 – 57th. Guido d’Arezzo International Competition – Italy; 3rd Prize Chamber Choir and 4th Prize in Mixed Choir categories.

2009 – 4th. Malgrat del Mar International Competition – Barcelona Spain; 1st Prize Mixed Choir, Female Choir, Male Choir categories and Audience Award.

2014 – ANSILTA International Choir Contest 2014 – San Juan – Argentina, 1st Prize Mixed Choir category. Award for the best interpretation of Argentine Music.